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Root Canal Treatment 

What is root canal treatment?

Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal treatment, treats infection in the root, centre of the tooth. Infection of the root canal system can be a result of various dental problems, mostly by dental decay, unstable fillings, or when the enamel of the tooth is damaged.

It is important to treat the infection the root of the tooth as the bacteria causing the infection can spread into other parts of the body by the blood stream. Untreated infection of the root canal can also cause severe pain and swelling.

What is the treatment procedure?

Usually, to complete a root canal treatment it takes approximately two 40 minute appointments. Root treatment is part of general dentistry and is covered by the NHS. The treatment is conducted under the use of local anaesthetic. The treatment starts with the removal of the infected pulp, followed by the cleaning of the root canal system and finished by the filling of the system and often by crowning of the tooth to prevent further infection. It is normal to feel tenderness once the local anaesthetic has worn off, but this will subside.

What does a root canal treatment cost?

You will be provided with a detailed estimate of costs before the treatment is started so there are no surprises. Examples of costs for some types of NHS treatment are available here. Fees are as of 1st Nov 2019. Please note that NHS fee structure is complex and varies considerably from patient to patient depending of the treatment required. The treatment procedure and aftercare will also be explained to you in the surgery.

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At Inchvannie House Dental Practice all our dentists have years of experience performing root canal treatment and we strive to ensure pain free dental care in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.Our surgery in Dingwall is open 8AM to 8PM to suit the lifestyle of all our patients. We have free parking available by the practice and text message appointment reminders for convenience. Our team is always here to help you also on social media and via email.

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