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Check-ups and prevention at our Dingwall dental practice

Prevention above curing

Inchvannie House Dental Practice has chosen to be different from the norm with our focus not being on finding problems, but trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our clinical team prefer to advise our patients of potential problems according to the clinical presentation and risk factors, and then try to develop a plan to reduce this risk. We also want to find out what our patients actually want from their dental care, and not what the dentist just wants to provide.

Professional and caring team

Through the combined efforts of our dentists, and more importantly our hygiene/prevention team, it is our aim to allow our patients the very best chance of keeping their natural teeth filling free for their whole life. There is no reason for patients to worry about fillings and gum disease if they get on board with the preventive regime. Our philosophy has already saved dozens of patients from losing teeth and saving them the inconvenience of dentures, which would have been the end result had they not come to see us.

Affordable and quality dentistry

We are an NHS committed dental practice and our treatments are affordable and of exceptional quality. Check-ups are completely free for all patients and treatments are affordable, under the NHS. To read more about our NHS charges click here.

We are currently taking on new NHS patients and to register or to find our more information about our dental practice please contact us.



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