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Cosmetic Dentistry in Dingwall

Improve your smile at Inchvannie House Dental Practice

At our dental surgery in Dingwall we don’t only care for the health of your smile but we also help you improve it so you can smile with confidence. It is important for us that you leave the practice with a big and shiny smile. Our practice is open 8AM to 8PM Monday to Thursday and 8AM to 6PM on Fridays so you don’t need to miss work to attend your appointments. Our friendly and professional team is with you every step of the way to help you and make you feel at ease.

Silver smiles long gone – say hi to white fillings!

The times when a filling or two could have compromised your smile are long gone and with our white, tooth coloured fillings you can say good bye to a silver smile. Our white fillings are exactly of your teeth’s shade making sure that people cannot even notice that you had any dental work done. We can also change old amalgam fillings for new white fillings. To learn more about white fillings in Dingwall click here.

Brighten and whiter smile with our tooth whitening service

Red wine, black tea, coffee, smoking… just a few of the things that can stain your teeth and compromise your smile. Why waste money on ineffective and expensive home whitening kits and whitening toothpastes when you can get a whiter smile at our practice in Dingwall without paying a fortune? You will leave our surgery with a shining smile in just a few appointments. Tooth whitening at Inchvannie House Dental Practice is affordable and effective. Contact us for a free consultation appointment with no obligations on 01349866385. Our team is always here to help.

Busy working?

We are open 12 hours a day four days a week and 10 hours on a Friday. You can be sure we can work around your busy schedule. Convenience is the key - from text message appointment reminders to free parking we have got you covered. 

Local Invisalign Provider.
Local Invisalign Provider

Transform your smile with clear aligners. Choose the most advanced teeth-straightening system today. Only limited spots every month. Start Your Journey Here

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