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Book Your Private Dental Hygienist Visit With Neethu.

Requesting a dental hygiene appointment is only a few clicks away. Whether you're seeking to book a dental hygiene session for stain removal or improve your gum health, our assistance is readily available to cater to your needs.

We are excited to introduce our dental hygienist, Neethu, who brings a wealth of expertise and advanced techniques to provide exceptional private dental hygiene appointments. Regular oral hygiene appointments with Neethu will help you protect one of your most valuable possessions, your smile.


  • Quicker appointments
    Enjoy the benefit of quicker appointments so you won't have to endure long wait times.

  • Advanced Techniques
    Benefit from Neethu’s expertise in the latest dental hygiene techniques, ensuring superior results.

  • Enhanced Consultation Times
    Enjoy extended consultation times, allowing for a comprehensive assessment and thorough treatment.

  • Nervous Patient Friendly
    Neethu’s gentle approach ensures an anxiety-free, satisfying hygiene appointment.



What happens during your appointment?

Depending on the services you choose, all appointments broadly follow a seamless process of diagnosis, treatment, and advice.

  1. Your therapist will evaluate your dental restorations, gum tissue, look for symptoms of cancer, take x-rays, and more to determine your general oral health.

  2. Preventive procedures such as tooth cleaning, scaling & polishing will be carried out.

  3. You will then be offered advice on brushing, nutrition guidance, and treatment recommendations.

  4. The visit may lead to referrals to a dentist and the development of a comprehensive treatment.


What are the Various Services and Treatments Offered by the Hygienist?

All appointments include a complimentary exam. Treatments and pricing are subject to individual evaluation and may vary depending on personal dental requirements.


Hygiene Visit
Includes deep scale, clean and polish


White Fillings*

From £78
Stain Removal £68
Gum Treatment £49
Enlighten Teeth Whitening (Premium)*
Requires an appointment to make custom made trays.
Extraction for Children £48
Re-fixing Loose Crowns and Bridges £40-60
Fluoride Varnish £20
Night Guard £60 per arch


*Subject to dentist approval. Our therapist will request the approval from one of our dentists on the very day of your scheduled appointment.


Why can’t I see the dental therapist under direct access (NHS)?

Direct Access means that dental hygienists and dental therapists are able to see patients directly on the NHS, and the requirement to carry out treatments under prescription from a dentist is removed. Unfortunately, NHS dental practices in Scotland do not have the privilege of ‘direct access’. 


What happens to my NHS registration if I attend my private hygiene appointment?

If you are a registered patient, private dental hygiene appointments will not affect your NHS registration. These appointments provide additional benefits for those seeking specialised care beyond the essential NHS care.


Every dental patient is different. Get in touch to discuss. 

If you are considering booking an appointment with our dental therapist, please fill the booking request form below.



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Meet your Hygienist

Neethu Suresh
Dental Therapist
GDC Number: 296974

Neethu Suresh is a compassionate dental therapist on a mission to brighten smiles and lives. Graduating with a BDS in 2016 from a prestigious Indian dental college, Neethu's journey led her to the UK in 2020. Since 2021, she's been skilfully weaving her expertise as a dental therapist with empathy, valuing patient preferences and honesty above all.

Beyond her profession, Neethu finds joy in photography, culinary adventures, and cherished moments with family. Her passion for oral health goes beyond treatment; she aims to empower patients with knowledge for lasting wellness. Currently working towards her Statutory Exam, Neethu envisions a future where she can contribute even more to her beloved field, one radiant smile at a time.