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NHS Treatments & Costs

We are fully committed to the NHS and our services are of not only good quality, but they are also affordable. Patient charges for NHS dental treatments within Scotland are regulated & set by the Scottish government alongside with the National Health Service. Some patients are exempt from paying NHS charges and receive treatment for free.

You can receive free treatment if you are:

  • Under 18 years of age.
  • Aged 18 years and in full time education.
  • Pregnant or had a baby in the last 12 months.
  • Named on a valid NHS tax certificate.
  • Receiving Income support or Income related Employment Support Allowance.
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Pension credit guaranteed credit.
  • Named on a valid HC2 certificate.

If you are not entitled to free NHS dental treatment you are required to pay approximately 80% of the cost of your NHS dental treatment, up to the maximum of £384 per course of the treatment. Examples of costs for some standard NHS treatments are shown in the table below. Please note that NHS fee structure is extensive and varies considerably from patient to patient depending on the treatment required. A detailed estimate will be always given to you with a treatment plan at your examination.


Prices as of March 2022

Examination 0.00
Small x-rays - 1 film 3.88
Small x-rays - 2 films 5.44
Small x-rays - 3 films 6.60
Scale and polish (10a) 12.36
2 visit Scale and polish  30.04
Amalgam filing - 1 Surface 8.44
Amalgam filling - 2 or more surfaces 12.36
Amalgam filling 2 surfaces involving MO/DO 16.36
Amalgam filling 3 surfaces involving MO/DO 21.60
Composite filling - 1 filling 15.92
Composite filling - 2 or more fills in same tooth  24.68
1 Inscisal angle (M or D) 5.16
Incisal edge not involving inscisal edge (i) 1.04
2 Inscisal angles (M  or D) 8.44
Cusp tip premolar/buccal cusp tip first molar  12.08
Glass inonomer filling - 1 filling  14.44
Glass inonomer filling - 2 or more fills same tooth 19.68
Pin/screw retention 6.60
Root Canal treatment - incisor or canine tooth 45.52
Root Canal treatment - Upper premolar tooth 62.04
Root Canal treatment - lower premolar tooth 53.76
Root Canal treatment - molar tooth 95.28
Porcelain Veneer per tooth 100.52
Veneer - additonal fee for first or only tooth 7.76
Refixing/recementing porcelain veneer  14.24


Cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening, composite, tooth coloured white fillings on molar teeth or a tooth coloured crown on a molar tooth, are not available by the NHS and are charged privately. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for cosmetic treatments as well, please contact the surgery for a free discussion appointment or fill in our contact form for more information.


Flexible Payment Plans

To help you budget for your dental care, we now offer flexible payment options. You can choose 0% APR plan for up to 12 months for high-value NHS or private treatments over £1000. Alternatively, you can reduce your monthly costs by spreading the payments over 24 to 60 months with APRs ranging from 9.9% to 12.9%.

Applying for finance will have no effect on your credit score and takes only 2 minutes. To apply, you must be over 18 and earn an income.

Click here to calculate your rate.

Flexible Payment Plan Inchvannie House Dental Practice, Dingwall

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