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White Fillings Dingwall

More and more people today are conscious about their appearance including their smile. The majority of us have experienced having a filling before but it is important not to let these fillings compromise the way we look and our confidence.

Here at Inchvannie House Dental Practice we offer affordable and quality white (composite resin) fillings that help you keep smiling with confidence. While white fillings are available on the NHS for front teeth they are not available under the NHS on back teeth. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with quality and affordable white fillings. The private cost of these fillings range from £40 to £80, depending on the size of the filling you require. The cost is always discussed with you before the treatment begins and you also receive a written treatment plan with an estimate. There are no surprises.

Affordable, quality and lasting white fillings

White filling materials available today are long lasting and are comparable with amalgam fillings. The life expectancy of the filling depends on where it is in your mouth and how heavily you bite together. Your dentist can advise you on how long your fillings should last.

White fillings make your teeth look natural and don’t compromise your smile. They also offer a good solution for minor cracks, chips, tooth discolouration, or to replace amalgam fillings with tooth coloured fillings.

Convenient opening hours and comfortable surgeries

White fillings can be completed in a single visit at Inchvannie House Dental Practice. We are open 8AM to 8PM and we also have a designated car park only for our patients just behind our practice. Our professional and friendly dental team is always here to help answer any of your queries, so please contact us!



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