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National Smile Month

What Is National Smile Month?

National Smile Month provides our dental practice the chance to help people realise the true worth of their smile. The campaign has a simple task – to communicate effectively the importance of good oral health.

The many wonderful life-changing benefits, along with the impact of serious issues raised by oral health, good or poor, cover many different, important areas of our lives.

As per the Oral Health Foundation, these can include:


According to research quoted by the Foundation, disease in the gums increases the amount of labour-inducing chemicals. Thus, those that have healthy, strong gums ‘may be around three times less likely to have a baby that is premature’.


Did you know that one in four children of the age of five are affected by tooth decay, and that this is the number one ‘chronic disease in children’?

Cancers & Dementia

Unfortunately, research mentioned by the Oral Health Foundation (taken from a data set of over sixty thousand women, post-menopause) indicate that women who have a ‘history of gum disease were 14% more likely to develop cancer’ with a third of these cancers being of the breast.

Moreover, it is said that the likelihood (’70 percent less likely to’) of developing Alzheimer’s disease can reduce, compared to those suffering from gum disease for a long time, if your gums are healthy.


Be it a reduction in risks of diseases, increasing your life expectancy, or maintain your appearance, taking care of your smile, this Smile Month and forever, influences your social, carer, and personal lifestyle.

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A simple smile is often our most powerful possession. A key part of National Smile Month is to help put smiles on everyone's faces. Oral Health Foundation developed the Smiley to become synonymous with the campaign and with improving oral health.


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