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Childsmile Children's Dentistry

Childsmile Children's Dentistry!

We are part of Childsmile, which is an oral health education programme set up to improve oral health and to educate children about the importance of healthy diet and oral health. Our dentists not only speak to our wee patients about healthy dietary choices, they also apply fluoride varnish onto their teeth, helping to prevent dental decay. This is completely free under the NHS and children can attend a Childsmile appointment up to four times a year, twice at their dental practice and twice at their school or nursery. We recommend arranging a Childsmile appointment as early as possible, as getting used to the noises, smells and feels of the dental surgery at an early age can help to prevent dental phobia in the future. Even if you child has no teeth our dentist will check their gums and make sure everything is fine. Prevention is essential to good oral health.

'Oral health disorders are the most common reason for elective hospital admission of children in Scotland, accounting for over 10,000 episodes per year'. (National Dental Inspection Programme)

We know that going to the dentist isn’t the most exciting experience of all, however, our team will try their very best to make you and your family feel at ease at the practice and will be with you every step of the way.

Let's prevent dental phobia!

Attending a Childsmile appointment is recommended from the age of three months onwards, as starting with oral health education and getting used to the noises, feels and smells of the dental surgery at an early age will help to prevent dental phobia in the future. We believe that by children attending Childsmile they develop a positive relationship with the dental practice and will understand that going to the dentist is nothing they need to fear. 

We are happy to be providing pain-free dental care as dentistry has changed during the past decade and treatments and equipment is a lot more modern then in the past. You are in good hands at this Dingwall Dental Practice. 

To find out more about our Childsmile programme please visit the Childsmile Website.

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