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Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

'Electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums much better than a manual toothbrush, according to the findings of a new study. Scientists found that people who use an electric toothbrush have healthier gums, less tooth decay  and also keep their teeth for longer, compared with those who use a manual toothbrush'

Research carried out by The Oral Health Foundation has been said to be ground-breaking when assessing how effective electric toothbrushes are when compared to manual brushing. 

Did You Know?

Recent polls carried out have shown that less than 50% of adult Brits use electric toothbrushes? What will the impact be on these numbers and will more people go electric with manual losing in the record-breaking head-to-head study?

'Findings from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, found that electric toothbrushes resulted in 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay over the 11-year period'


Dr Nigel Carter OBE 

The Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation is of the belief that thee findings affirm what has been earlier noted on this matter: believes this study backs up what smaller studies have previously suggested.

'Health experts have been speaking about the benefits of electric toothbrushes for many years. This latest piece of evidence is one of the strongest and clearest yet – electric toothbrushes are better for our oral health'


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